The weapons of the Jesuit Order

Reptilian Dimension

The Jesuit Order have a variety of weapons at their disposal and they use their weapons and technology to rule the: governments, religions and intelligence agencies of the world.
The Jesuit Order have access to the most advanced technology on earth and according to a former CIA operative known as Branton (Bruce Allen deWalton), the Jesuit’s control the secret military underground bases (Area 51, Dulce Base, Pine Gap etc) located all over the world. It is at these Jesuit controlled underground bases where most of the advanced Jesuit technology is manufactured and stored. Protestant Bible Minister Eric Jon Phelps has stated that the Jesuit Order control all the anti-gravity flying saucer technology located at these underground bases, and Phelp’s has also stated that the grey aliens are organic lifeforms (I believe they are organic programmable robot lifeforms) controlled by the Jesuit Order. Phelps has also stated that it was Cardinal…

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