The Truth About Bernie, or Wake Up Before You #FeelTheBern (OFFICIAL RECORD)

Second Vermont Republic

2VR0BernieManAs Vermont decentralists, we have watched with interest the rise of our own junior Senator Bernie Sanders as a viable 2016 U.S. imperial presidential candidate. He is easily the best deliverer of bad news in Washington, DC, and his rhetorical record on publicizing issues of import – the realities of climate change, Wall Street’s trampling of Main Street, the collapsing middle class, Big Media propaganda – is laudable. “Lesser of the two Evils” arguments aside, Bernie is very good at making ordinary Americans – the disaffected and disenfranchised – feel good.

But the reality of his Congressional record – where the rubber meets the proverbial road – reveals a different Bernie than the one so celebrated by his supporters and his campaign. With the help of of the Internet, friends and neighbors, we’ve compiled a reasonably exhaustive record of Bernie’s DC-based activities (along with some of our favorite Bernie memes)…

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