The Family Of Blood

Blade And Chalice

Lately, the third dimension has been constricting and I feel like I want to shed my skin so I can move around more freely. Especially during the summer, as the heat and humidity make my very skin feel like I’m wearing a coat.

coats of skin

In other words, the vibrations got more dense. I believe we are at a point when we can shed our coats again. It seems everyone is feeling constricted these days but there is confusion about what to do, exactly.  In the post Computer Blue, I suggested we ‘loosen up our buttons’. I still think we should do that, but I also think we should ‘lighten up’ a bit, too! And on Merovee, Frank is saying we should ‘unzip’! Goodness! Is that all we think about?! Sex?!


Because that is what it is all about. Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you some freaky story…

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